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Nishmah Audio Digital Productions

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Check out the Review of Mechanical Love in
Strutter Magazine!

Check out the Review of Mechanical Love in the September 2012 issue of
Classic Rock Magazine!

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“Classic, Epic, a Journey through the mind of Jose Pimentel as he takes you through different spaces in sound.”
- Ozzie Sutherland, Applications Specialist Pro Audio/Professional Console, Avid/Euphonix Technology

“This music arrangement and production from Retrovati is full of intrigue, Very Intense at times, exciting and full of anticipation. Movie score quality production. Very Cool.”
- John E King, CEO, Manifested Works Inc.

“The music from Retrovati is ahead of its time – the compositions are completely integrated and complex, yet draw you in and make you want more.”
- Katie Roosa, Entertainment and Media Attorney, Kat von Roos & Associates

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